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What an athletes body goes through over the course of a long season can be taxing. What Chris and Madison have been able to do with Elysian Cryotherapy is bridge the gap in recovery. A session in their cryotherapy chamber allows my body to feel prepared for the next game or workout. I highly recommend Elysian Cryotherapy, and will continue to use it during my career and after.

Todd Glaesmann

Arizona Diamondbacks

I had heard about Cryotherapy from someone and when I saw that we had one opening here in Waco, I was excited to see what it was all about. I had a big event that we had been preparing for and my body was pretty achy, so I dropped in to this hip & cool little place, was greeted by Chris & Madison and given a thorough overview of the sessions. After my first session, I immediately noticed that my aches and pains were tremendously alleviated and I was back the next morning for another session. As a hairdresser, we stand all day long and can put a lot of pressure on our hips, legs, & back and the sessions have really helped with the constant tension in those areas. One of my personal biggest discoveries about Cryotherapy is that my shoulder, in which I have a slight rotator cuff tear, has more extension and movement with a a lot less pain. I am a member now and visit Elysian Cryotherapy at least 4 times a week. You’ll thank yourself for the gift of Cryotherapy!!!!

Daniel Hollingsworth

Unfortunately being an athlete all my life hasn’t made me immune to injuries!  And we are lucky enough to live in a time when science is always uncovering new and exciting ways to both train and to heal from the rigors we put our bodies through.  Cryotherapy is truly a revolutionary idea based upon sound science and research. It promotes deep tissue healing based on the principal of shunting of blood through the colder external parts of the body when exposed to extreme cold into the inflamed or injured deeper areas where we need it.  Elysian Cryotherapy helped me heal faster than I would have imagined possible after recent knee surgery.  I highly recommend it for healing treatment programs as well as for overall health maintenance.  Thanks to Chris and Madison for making this available!!


Dr. Mike Attas


Couldn’t be happier about the results of cryo! I was very curious to see what kind of impact these 3 very cold minutes would have on joint pain and muscle soreness. I’m please to say there are immediate positive results with both. Thanks Chris and Madison!!

Si Hanna