Breast Implants

and Cryotherapy


Untitled181Cosmetic surgery, breast implants and cryotherapy. Are you wondering how these three things are all connected? Cryotherapy is a commonly used procedure to relieve pain symptoms, rejuvenate muscles, increase range of motion, and reduce inflammation. But how does this relate to cosmetic surgery?

Cryotherapy was initially invented for arthritis. Over the past few years, it has been found that cryotherapy not only benefits arthritis, but also promotes recovery and therapy to a wide array of conditions. Therefore, many people who go under the knife are turning to cryotherapy in order to heal faster and lessen swelling. More and more doctors are recommending cryotherapy for patients with swollen body parts after surgery, as the extreme cold is perfect for fighting swelling. This is also why cryotherapy is used widely among athletes looking increase recovery and eliminate soreness. So where do breast implants come into this?

Regardless of when you get breast implants, doing cryotherapy with breast implants can mean you get even cooler. Breasts are naturally a degree or two cooler than the rest of your body temperature, so when you add silicone implants into the equation, you might be feeling a little extra chilly in that area. This area might also take longer to warm up afterward than the rest of your body. Having breast implants doesn’t mean you can’t do cryotherapy. Although, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to wear a sports bra in the cryotherapy chamber to give you a little extra protection in that area.